REVIEW | D.R. Graham: One Percenter – Noir et Bleu MC club #1

 One Percenter by D.R. Graham - Noir et Bleu MC Club 1
Rating: ★★★½☆
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One Percenter
D.R. Graham

Noir et Bleu MC club #1

99% of bikers obey the law. The other 1% make their own…

Eighteen-year-old Tienne Desrochers grew up in the rough world of the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club. Bikers. Family. Outlaws. But after her dad’s murder, she decides she’s had enough. Refusing to end up like her drug-addicted mom, Tienne grabs her younger brother and leaves it all behind…including her boyfriend, Aiden Gyllenhall.

More comfortable in the middle of a bar fight than at a country club, living with her wealthy aunt and uncle is an adjustment, to say the least. No swearing. Designer shoes that pinch. And fast-review-upcharming, corporate types like Leland Crofton instead of super-sexy, tattooed Aiden. But even the upper class can’t escape the toxic touch of underworld violence. And this time, Tienne won’t just learn who she really is—she’ll learn who has her back.

If you’re the daughter of an MC member and engaged to another one…how can you leave that violent life behind? Fortunately for Tienne and her brother, it seems that life is starting to change in better. After her dad is killed her aunt and uncle have taken her and her brother to live with them. In that glamorous part of the city the most frightening thing that can happen to you is to wear the wrong dress to the country club. Been beaten or murdered along the road, to assist to the lenght your mother would go to have a dose… she can now leave all that in the past. Her brother can be what he is, without fear of reprisals, and she can follow her dream of becoming an actress.

“I know.” I give him one of my pillows and lay facing him. “You don’t have to take care of her, you know. She never took care of us.” “I want to.” I smile and brush his bangs away from his eyes. “Have you got your outfit picked out for your first day at a fancy private school?” “Flat front trousers and an argyle sweater. How about you? What are you wearing to your first day at a corporate job?” “Frumpy skirt and grandma blouse.” “Sexy.” I laugh. “Night, Lucky Boy.” “Night, T Bear.”

There is only one shadow that hovers over her. It’s the think of leaving Aiden, her best friend since childhood…her boyfriend now. The love of her life. However, she must leave him. He is a member of the MC club and she doesn’t want anything to do with that life anymore.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Everything. I can’t imagine my life without Aiden, but I can imagine it with him, and it’s not good. “Will you pick me up in front of my old house, please?” “Of course. Are you all right?” “No.” “What happened?” I exhale and glance down the street I grew up on. All the shitty old houses with the chewed-up lawns and beat-up cars out front. “I don’t want my mom and dad’s life. I want a fresh start.” “I’ll be right there.”

And then… then there is Leland. So… so obvious in his pursuit, but oh so charming…and better yet, so right in this new life of her. The easier thing to do is to be with him.
To be normal. To fit in.
Even if this is wounding both her heart and Aiden’s.

One Percenter is not really an MC story. The story follows Tienne and is focused on her growth. On her struggle to find her way, to be better and not make the same mistakes of her parents. The path she has chosen, however, is not the easiest and dangers can be found in every place, not only in the most obvious one.
To find her happiness she will have to fight…and fight hard.

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