PREVIEW | Sara Jane STONE: Serving Trouble (Second Shot #1)

Yesterday was a crazy day but I had the time to read a steamy free short noevalla that introduces the first book in a new series by Sarah Jane Stone, Serving Trouble, out March 08. This was also a new author discovery for me and it didn’t disappoint! Just made things more interesting since I didn’t only meet the two MC five years before the events of Serving Trouble…to better understand their background before starting with their full story… but I had a glimpse (the first chapter) to the novel itself and I have just three words to say… I cannot wait! (I already know I am in love with Noah!!)

 Running Wild (Second Shot 0.5) by Sara Jane Stone

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Running Wild
Sara Jane Stone

Second Shot #0.5


She’s always been off limits…
Noah Tager has always played by the rules and proudly wears the label ‘Local Hero.’ But before he leaves to become one of The Few, The Proud, The Marines, he wants to turn his fantasies into reality with the one woman who has always been off limits.
He’s always been a challenge…
When it comes to her less-than-stellar reputation, Josie Fairmore is ready and willing to cross over into nothing-left-to-lose territory, if it leads to an all-night ride with the man of her X-rated dreams. With her big brother leaving in the morning to ‘Be All He Can Be’ in the Army, Dominic will never find out about her fling with his best friend Noah.
But one wild ride together doesn’t change the fact that Noah’s leaving in the morning—and he’s taking Josie’s heart with him.

 Serving Trouble (Second Shot #1) by Sara Jane Stone
Editore Avon Impulse
ISBN 9780062423856
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Uscita 08 march 2016
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Serving Trouble
Sara Jane Stone

Second Shot #1

Five years ago, Josie Fairmore left timber country in search of a bright future. Now she’s back home with a mountain of debt and reeling from a loss that haunts her. Desperate for a job, she turns to the one man she wishes she could avoid. The man who rocked her world one wild night and then walked right out of it.

Former Marine Noah Tager is managing his dad’s bar and holding tight to the feeling that his time overseas led to failure. The members of his small town think he’s a war hero, but after everything he’s witnessed, Noah doesn’t want a pat on the back. The only thing he desires is a second chance with his best friend’s little sister.

Josie’s determined to hold onto her heart and not repeat her mistakes, but when danger arrives on Noah’s doorstep and takes aim at Josie, they just might discover that sometimes love is worth the risk.